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Roof top

Sitting at the crossroads of two continents, Istanbul stands as one of the globe’s most expansive cities. As its vibrant pulse suggests, this metropolis is a treasure trove for both sightseeing and culinary exploration. For an ideal blend of gastronomic delights paired with breathtaking vistas of the Bosphorus and renowned landmarks, make your way to the roof top s of Istanbul’s finest eateries.

The Rooftops Of Istanbul’s Finest

Located in the heart of Fatih, one of Istanbul’s prestigious districts, this rooftop offers both indoor and year-round outdoor seating options, presenting visitors with mesmerizing views of the Bosphorus and the historical ambiance of the Hagia Sophia.

The restaurant offers breathtaking views of the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorus, and the Sea of Marmara, making it one of the most photographed places in Istanbul on Instagram. Immerse yourself in Istanbul’s impressive skyline, captivating both tourists and locals alike. Is there a more beautiful way to end the day than after witnessing a stunning sunset over Istanbul’s historic Old City?

Sultanahmet Restaurant

Experience Istanbul anew from the vantage point of AYA Fish Lounge. Nestled in the city’s center, this terrace eatery boasts an enchanting atmosphere complemented by views of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque), Hagia Sophia, and the Sea of Marmara. Serving as a sought-after spot for photographers, the restaurant awaits to offer you delightful memories of Istanbul.

AYA Fish Lounge offers meticulously prepared international flavors in a modern and aesthetic ambiance. The venue’s elegant design and stylish decor are truly noteworthy.

On the menu, you have the opportunity to choose from a selection of cold and hot starters, various salads, and seafood options. My recommendation: Save room for dessert – the sweets made with seasonal fresh fruits are genuinely delightful.

Watching the view from the rooftops of Istanbul offers a unique opportunity to deeply feel the spirit and beauty of the city. The terrace of AYA Fish Lounge enriches this experience, offering visitors unforgettable memories and delightful moments. For those wanting to experience Istanbul from a different perspective, AYA Fish Lounge is a destination that must be visited.

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