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More than a restaurant


Aya Fish Lounge

We offer exclusive flavors of seafood and international cuisine in one of the most exclusive Fine Dining restaurants in Istanbul, in the center of Sultanahmet.

As AYA Fish Lounge, a restaurant ranked 3rd in Istanbul, we provide our guests with the best experience by offering all seafood in its freshest form.

We create a romantic atmosphere in our restaurant during the winter months by serving dinners accompanied by wine by the fireplace.

Aya Fish Lounge

Meet unique flavors



Rich Steak Menu

You can taste the most delicious version of Beef Wellington, Diana Steak, the freshest sea fish, Lobster, Octopus, Crab, Oysters, Squid, Shrimp and many other seafood here.

Ottoman and World Cuisine

Fillet Steak, Lamb Shank, Testi Kebab, in short, Ottoman and world cuisine.


Our history

Our History

The manager, who has worked in the restaurant industry for about 30 years, has done long research to offer the most delicious meals to people from all over the world, with a perfect presentation and a wonderful view. In 2020, Aya Fish Lounge was opened in Sultanahmet, close to all historical places and with a wonderful panoramic view on 4 sides. He chose .